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IoT, or Internet of Things, is currently the new wave of innovation in the field of information and communication technologies. Major barriers that prevented IoT from reaching its full potential no longer exists: overall hardware and electronics costs have decreased considerably, and technical challenges like battery duration and limited wireless communication alternatives have been resolved.

The need to optimize processes, improve communication, differentiate from the competition or even re-write existing business models has drawn companies to invest in IoT as a way to achieve these objectives.

At TeLIoT we provide knowledge and expertise in three fundamental areas: sensors, communication and software solutions. Due to our experience in these areas, we position ourselves as a company capable of making feasible, executing and accelerating IoT projects.

Our Philosophy

In God We Trust.
All Others Must Bring Data.

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W. Edwards Deming American engineer
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We capture, transform and deliver data from the physical world through the installation and administration of autonomous, battery powered sensors that are connected to a wireless network that measures the world around them.

Communication network

We design, implement and operate LPWA networks, public and private, urban or rural, optimized for small data traffic generated by sensors and IoT solutions.

Big Data

Through different but complementary methods -predictive, descriptive, prescriptive analysis - we transform the immense volume of data generated by the sensors in valuable new information that will improve the management and decision making of your company.

Custom projects

The combination of our capabilities in sensors, communications and big data, together with our business experience in different verticals - Smart Cities, Health, Industry, Agro - allows us to develop turnkey projects, transforming products and making possible new services.


Our Team

Gastón Lieutier

Gaston Lieutier

BSEE and MBA from the University of Virginia, USA. ICT industry specialist with over 20 years of experience, occupying leadership positions in corporations and startups in the US and latam. In 2015, together with three partners, founded TeLIoT, an IoT startup that develops, operates and maintains solutions for tracking, monitoring and telemetry in cities and country side

Martin Piñeyro

Martín Piñeyro

Telecommunications Engineering degree from the Catholic University of Uruguay and Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering. He works professionally in the field of information technology since 2007 carrying out technical and commercial activities. His research focuses on signal processing and particularly in the processing of digital images. In TeLIoT its main activity is the design and implementation of the sensor network and embedded solutions

German Capdehourat

Germán Capdehourat

PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of the Republic (UDELAR), professor grade 3, member of the SNI since 2012, R&D in the areas of image processing and wireless networks. Works at Plan Ceibal since 2007 where he leads a team of engineers responsible for the communication infrastructure countrywide. In TeLIoT he is responsible for the design, configuration and deployment of wireless networks

Francisco Cabrera

Francisco Cabrera

Sofware Engineer degree from the University of the Republic (Uruguay). In 2015, he left IBM to found TeLIoT, where he responsible for backend software, databases and applications


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Smart streetlight
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Water consumption monitoring
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Horse and cattle tracking
Work 2
GPS monitoring and sensing of road and construction machinery
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Water fountain monitoring in feedlots
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Noise pollution monitoring
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Intruder detection and alert
Work 2
Satellite monitoring and sensing of agricultural machinery


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